We are an ISO 9001:2015 and GDP-certified pharmaceutical trader that constantly deals with the local market and is one of India's leading pharmaceutical wholesalers and exporters. We are a government-authorized firm that provides a highly suitable platform for ensuring that all supplied pharmaceutical products are from WHO-GMP-certified manufacturing companies or their authorized distributors. Hence, we can assure our customers that the supplied products have a long shelf life and a competitive price without jeopardizing the quality of the products.

The company is specialized in the global supply of all medicinal products, including specialty medicines, orphan drugs, life-saving medicinal products, cancer medicines, and vaccines.

We always aim for unparalleled excellence in the business to reach future milestones. Happy customers from throughout the world are our achievement, and for many years to come, we feel proud to continue our collaboration.

SMPL applies good storage practices (GSP) with modern warehouse installations, including a temperature control unit. We have trained staff to take care of medicines and handle medicine supplies. In all circumstances, pharmaceutical products are stored at their required temperature throughout the distribution process.

Patient, Hospitals, Institutions & NGO Supplies

SMPL have access to supply, Super specialty/Speciality medicines used in a treatment of Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Blood disorders, Kidney problems etc.

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Controlled Supply Management

SMPL have validated controlled supply management which encourages the managing flow of medicines across various industries and consumers.

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The authenticity of the product by providing documents

We believe that the customer is the central aspect of a company. As a renowned Indian Pharmaceutical Wholesaler,

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As a result, pharmaceutical warehousing encompasses far more than just product storage. It's a mission that ensures the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals...

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On-time Delivery

On-time delivery fosters improved customer collaboration, ensures delivery reliability. The customers anticipate that you will deliver on time as promised.

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The provision of precise shipment information and tracking updates allows customers to be aware of the confidence and reliability of their business,

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