Patient, Hospitals, Institutions & NGO Supplies

SMPL have access to supply, Super speciality or Speciality medicines used in a treatment of Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Blood disorders, Kidney problems, Heart disorder, Bone-related issues, Nerve disorders, Respiratory Syndromes, Organ Transplant, Immunological disorders, viral etc.

Life-saving medicines, Orphan drugs/Rare Disease medicines, Over the counter (OTC) medicines & Vaccines.

All these products supply to private or government hospitals, tenders, NGO’s/Charity & patient in the domestic as well as international market. The treatments are even kept and provided to these institutions due to our company's standard and speedy delivery.

As a pharmaceutical wholesaler from India, customers are the backbone of a particular organization. Thus, our business growth requires our customers to be considered a deity. We promise to offer our customers the most excellent service with a reputation for customers.

If you are a patient or caregiver, we suggest you to check our online e-commerce platform You can place your order directly by uploading a valid prescription & we will guarantee you door to door service on time.